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Did You Know???....Almost ALL landfills in America have banned disposal of lead acid batteries in them?



Pollution is a topic that too often and much too easily gets buried and forgotten about when we, as a whole, as well as individuals, ignore the “small” things we could be and should be doing to help and contribute to more, in our every day lives, to the actual BIG picture itself.  And that BIG picture is Earth and the fact that we live in ALL that we waste.  The smaller picture starts with us as individuals though and to take some time in evaluating our own contributions we make or are trying to make, and then setting the bar for them that much higher through our examples of what it truly means to care for our environment.

Did you know???….. Almost ALL landfills inAmericatoday have banned the disposal of Lead Acid Batteries?  “The Battery Man” knows this all too well and wants to help in every way that we possibly can to raise this awareness and educate our community, as well as our surrounding communities, of how we can provide a small solution to a very BIG problem and to one day actually be the BIG solution to another environmental problem solved!  It’s not impossible, we just have to put the opportunities we get into action and with participation and involvement, we can do it!

So our BIG goal, however small the start, is to do whatever it takes to raise this awareness as high as we can to people of all ages, as well as our children.  This directly affects us all, but more so, the generations yet to come.  Pollution though, is something that CAN be fixed!  It is something we actually have control over, but rarely do anything about.  Well, we’re here now and are about to make some fantastic noise about it!

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"Restoring the Earth One Battery at a Time!!"

“The Battery Man” is a new & family owned business located just on the outskirts of Uptown Charlotte, NC inMt.Holly.  We recondition ALL types of Lead Acid Batteries, as well as use ALL “Green” materials throughout the entire process. 

We offer our recycled products and services to the public and to fleets and best of all, every battery we sell has been completely restored using materials that do not harm the Earth in any way.  We have set a positive example and set a higher standard by rebuilding and selling what has been asked of us to buy as Americans today….a recycled, Earth friendly product, needed by many, that also benefits the entire eco cycle system.

Our slogan, “Restoring the Earth One Battery at a Time!” is just that.  We have successfully opened up a local small business selling a completely recycled & very cost effective product, as well as launched this project, most would see as an impossible task and we’ve permanently attached it to our name, “The Battery Man”.  All of it is being done to show our genuine efforts to a commitment and dedication we have to “Keep America Beautiful” and we can only hope that the bar we’ve just raised will lead and inspire others to follow in our strides, and become visionaries themselves to do something even more than we could ever possibly imagine.

We want “TheBatteryMan” to be more than business that sells a recycled product and has a great service to offer.  We want to create an environment and reputation that leaves no one out in knowing that they can bring their lead acid batteries to us as a donation, and in return will be helping in tremendous ways to better their own environments and a healthier way of living for all because of their donation.  Every battery counts, and that’s why we’re doing this “one battery at a time”.  We’re not looking for the truck loads to drown us and make us lose site of the original goal at hand.  We truly and genuinely want to create BIG change and awareness that is effective, honest and known to everyone we encounter and make a very BIG difference along the way.

And we will do this by setting no limitations on what the possibilities are that lie ahead of us.  We may have our own physical limitations, but we will only embrace those and let others show us what we can’t do without them by their getting involved.  We have this huge opportunity in front of us all to contribute in a bunch of small ways to a very BIG finish, and we won’t stop until we get there!

We test every battery that is given to us to see if we’ll be able to recondition it or not.  If we find that we can’t, we are then able to dispose of those batteries that are no good any longer in the appropriate way they need to be to ensure they are then recycled properly.  You’d be surprised the number of customers we get who have one, two or more batteries of this kind, just sitting around collecting dust, because they just aren’t sure what to do with it.  We want to change this way of thinking in a very BIG way.  50% of our lead products today are made from recycled lead acid batteries.  So please jump on board with us and help to complete the circle we cannot without your donations and contributions to a wonderful and much needed purpose.

This is such an important project to our entire family and we have such a passion, drive and purpose for doing this.  We are so excited to have been able to open our doors before “America Recycles Day” happened.  Either way, we were going to start this project, but now is even a better time since we’ve now been handed this incredible day of the year, November 15th, 2011, to be able to build our foundation further around.

The only thing that we want to ask from everyone at this time is to not ask us to “buy” your old batteries from you.  This is a donation only event/project we’ve created.  And although we clearly realize you can very easily go right up the street from us probably and get a few bucks for them, we want to keep this a “helping hands” environment all the way and want everyone reading this to donate just because it’s for a greater purpose, and there are absolutely no other “politics” that are involved in that statement whatsoever.

We are really looking forward to the growth and rewards this awesome project will bring for everyone who gets involved, and that with nothing but audacious faith, we have just taken one very small step into the unknown to leave some very BIG footprints for others to follow.

When others around you see awesome results happen around you from your drive alone, it triggers something in them as well to want to help too!  No one wants to really sit back and just do nothing about anything.  All of us have a passion for different things, so I’m not asking you to create some fake passion for the environment if that’s truly not your “thing”.  To be honest, if we hadn’t have started this company, I don’t know if I would’ve ever found it in me either. But that’s what I mean when small starts begin and multiply.  Then it’s the BIG things that happen as a result of actually putting them into action.  It’s not then that the “sky” has just become your limit because something BIG happens.  You keep adding small and stop putting any kind of “limit” we automatically put on ourselves out of fear or not enough time or not good enough or “I can’t do that” or whatever your reason for not starting or continuing the process may be.

We shouldn’t even use the term “limit” when it comes to creative innovation, passion or the ideas that drive us to do something better.  If it’s for something of awesome purpose, then it should have no limitations.  You put those limitations there yourself, but instead you should embrace what you think you’re lacking, and then maybe see that in actuality, you lack nothing at all to do what it takes to bring your God given talent and project to life.  You gather people around you that share your vision to some degree, and you’ve just created yourself a limitless force of nature for sure.  Imagine the possibilities if we just changed our way of thinking and threw away our every fear of something that keeps us from changing for the better.  You don’t have to set a stopping point.  Maybe a timeline and deadlines are necessary.  I’m pretty realistic to that.  But don’t make “the sky is the limit” as yet another limitation you’ve already placed on yourself because of your own insecurities or whatever reason you try to manipulate your mind to accept.  The sky should be your focal point.  Somewhere to keep the visions and goals you have in focus and your head high.  If you’re looking up and staying focused, you won’t miss anything along the way.  There’s no telling what you can and will accomplish with a little bit of faith and whole lota focus and patience.

Someone has to set the example.  No one’s going to do it for you.  So if you look around you, and no one else is doing anything, maybe that’s your cue to do something.  If no one around you supports your vision, or what it is you’re trying to accomplish, maybe that’s your cue too.  But that cue to do something is a need for a change in your “social” environment.  That can get just as polluted as the air we breathe around us, so make that your small start if that’s the thing holding you back from taking action.  And then you need to get around people that share your vision in general.  They don’t have to share it totally.  Everyone brings something special in their own way when a project  or group is formed and they share an interest to one or more common goals.

You could even try to find people or groups who are already head deep in the game.  They could very well be the mentor you’ve been searching for all along.  Or maybe they’ll intimidate you in a positive way with goal oriented challenges that help you stay focused and keep working towards your original idea or plan.  It’s easy to get distracted on a small scale, so just think about the depth of layers of variety the distractions we’ll face when the scale starts to grow bigger and bigger.  We all need one or more people in our lives to keep us going in the best direction possible, which most people you meet or already have in your life now won’t take on that responsibility for you because they’re too busy on their own path to notice you may have gotten off track.  So don’t join with imbalance.  Join with someone or something that already has a foundation built or join the start of one that could be a much stronger foundation because of the gifts and visions and abilities to follow through you have to offer and bring to the group.  And who knows, you might even be read something here  now that gives you the push and inspiration that you need to start something on your own and promote something that makes you thrive in your life.  You’ll not only be helping in the creation of an entire movement for this Earth by getting involved in some way, but more importantly for yourself.  None of us walk around excited about doing nothing, so do something instead.

We are all guilty at some point in our lives of thinking or saying certain things to “excuse” ourselves in certain areas of responsibility or our accountability we have to our environment when we say, “What difference does it make if I pick up that one piece of trash I just walked over or not?” OR “I’ll be sure to recycle the “next” soda can I use, no big deal”.  Am I right?  We’ve all done it.  And done it and thought it a whole lot more than just once.  I’m totally ok in admitting that.  I’m still a good person.  So don’t think that because you didn’t do something then that you can’t do anything now, or that it makes you some horrible person to have this type of thinking or make you out to be some lousy citizen who doesn’t care or who doesn’t want to contribute to or pull their weight in a positive way.  It just means you haven’t put any action into your thoughts or words yet.  And that’s ok.  But it’s not ok forever, and it’s never too late to start something great in your life.   Just don’t take forever getting to it, or it will be nothing but a thought wasted.

It just takes small changes in your thought process and a lot of determination and a true commitment on your part to start the race to a BIG finish line.  Over time, with drive and focus, as well as audacious faith, you can’t begin to imagine even the minimal potential of results that you could drive out from just you yourself, and the ability you actually do have to set an example for greatness to the people around you.   It’s always our choice to do or not to do, and to do it with passion or just to get by.  I could make a huge list of the things we’re all guilty of at some time not doing or  brushing off something we think is so small in our lives or of no importance, with our “whatever” attitudes and nonchalant ways and how good we are at justifying to ourselves what is simply put, “thoughtless thoughts”.

   GET INVOLVED TOO!!  Angelo, Monica & AJ